Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products

Human Modeling Software Solutions

Customer Beta testing for HumanCAD, our next generation human modeling platform is continuing. Customers and prospective customers may contact us for preliminary product information.

ManneQuinELITE V1.3 has been released and supports the University of Michigan 3D SSPP 5.0.5.

Once HumanCAD is formerly released (after completion of Beta testing), we will no longer provide support for ManneQuinPRO versions V7.0 and V7.1 and earlier. Sales of ManneQuinPRO V10.2 and ManneQuinELITE V1.3 will then be discontinued. We will, however, continue to provide support for ManneQuinPRO versions 8 through 10.2.

Xsens Products: New 5g Mti and Mtx

Xsens has released MTi and MTx versions with a unique acceleration range of ± 5g. Both the MTi (miniature Attitude and Heading Reference System) and the MTx (3DOF Orientation Tracker) are now available with this new measurement range, which provides excellent performance to many new applications.

The addition of a 5g version is a very useful extension of the Xsens product offering because there are many applications in which accelerations above 1.7g (Xsens' current standard) occur.

VATS - Vibration Analysis Tool Set

NexGen has released its new Series 3 1000g accelerometers. Specifications and complete product information are available at:

Mark-10 Digital Force and Torque Gauges

NexGen is pleased to announce that it is now distributing the full range of Mark-10 digital force and torque Gauges. All Mark-10 products come with a 3-year warranty.

Mark-10 force gauges can be used in a virtually limitless number of tension and compression testing applications. All force gauges are able to capture the peak force in both tension and compression and have selectable units of measurement. Capacities are available from 50 g full scale to 1,000 lb; the broadest range in the industry. Mark-10 force gauges may be handheld or used with a test stand and gripping fixtures to create a complete testing solution. All gauges carry the CE mark.

Mark-10 torque gauges are accurate and feature-rich torque measurement products ideal for a wide range of applications. All gauges capture the peak torque in both directions (CW and CCW) and have selectable units of measurement. Capacities are available from 10 ozin full scale to 5,000 lbin, depending on the model. Units may be handheld or used with a test stand and gripping fixtures to create a complete testing solution. All gauges carry the CE mark.

FSA - Pressure Mapping Solutions

This quarter the new serial wireless option for FSA systems has been released. The wireless adapter is an EIA-232 Serial DB-9 to Wireless Class 1 (100 meter) radio 2 unit pair plus battery pack.

Wireless ELF

Wireless ELF eliminates cumbersome wires by enabling your laptop or PC to quickly capture and store force data from an event up to 100 feet away. This system will offer greater flexibility for applications where untethered force measurements are important.

System Components:

Both the Hub and Transmitter are battery operated. The Hub can support data from up to 8 sensors and transmitters at a time. For a 16-channel system, two Hubs would be required.


ErgoMaster version 4.0 has been released. This version's Biomechanics Analyst now interfaces with the University of Michigan's 3D SSPP 5.0.5.

ErgoImager Version 2.0

The latest version now interfaces with the University of Michigan's 3D SSPP 5.0.5.

Medical Products

BIMS (Baseline Integrated Measurement System)

This new Baseline product performs manual muscle testing with a comprehensive software package to produce real-time force curves, customized statistics, reports...and more.

BIMS enables strength measurements to be viewed in real time on your computer screen as well as on the dynamometer dial face. BIMS stores data in a searchable database.

Other New Baseline Products

New Hand Dynamometer and Pinch Gauge

Product 12-0221, the new 200 lb hand dynamometer and 12-0222 the new 50lb pinch gauge incorporate a new "double-wall" bellows system that dramatically reduces hydraulic failure. These products are guaranteed for 5 years.

New Push-Pull Dynamometer Accessory

The WalSlide wall anchor is a new push-pull gauge/dynamometer accessory that slides and locks to any position along the 6' length. (Product #10-5094)

Skinfold Calipers

A new Baseline slim guide plastic skinfold caliper (#12-1126) has been added.
Also the 12-1126 and the economy skinfold caliper (12-1112) can now be ordered in quantities of 25 for further savings.

New Baseline Wrist Evaluation Set

The portable carrying case contains all the instruments needed to evaluate the strength and range-of-motion of the wrist and forearm. The set includes a wrist inclinometer (12-0502), wrist dynamometer (12-0250) and the door knob grip (12-0261).

Biometrics E-LINK

E-LINK - Evaluation

The E-LINK range of products and software for evaluation cover a variety of clinical applications from standard measurements done in almost every rehabilitation settings to comprehensive calculations done in specialized practices.

The X4 InterX Unit functions as the Intelligent Interface to connect all of the E-LINK evaluation components to the computer. Up to four E-LINK tools may be connected simultaneously allowing the user to easily and quickly switch between the components during an evaluation session. InterX connects to an IBM compatible computer via the USB port.

E-LINK - Exercise

An interactive system providing motivation and feedback, increasing patient compliance and tolerance of exercise programs, allowing longer effective therapy. The E-LINK parameters can be varied for range, speed and difficulty of the activities to treat a wide range of patients. The exercise is supervised, yet therapist independent. E-LINK is used for all types of patients, from Pediatrics to Geriatrics to Professional Athletes, in both Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation.


NexGen will be exhibiting at the Association of Canadian Ergonomists and the Applied Ergonomics conferences.