NexGen Newsletter - Fall 2008

NexGen Ergonomics Inc. continues to expand its world leading product line with several new and updated products for ergonomic analysis, design and research, biomechanics and medical applications. Information can be found at our website in both our News and Products sections.
Ergonomics Products:
Medical Products:

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products

Human Modeling Software Solutions


  • The MAC OS version of HumanCAD has been released. It runs on both PPC and Intel processors on OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard).

  • HumanCAD 1.2 is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter. Several improvements focus on the CAD exchange module: CAD files import can now be interrupted; large assemblies with references are better handled, etc. Mannequin anthropometries using presets are now more precise, and selected choices are now persistent. Also, various bug fixes and overall improvements are included. Microsoft Vista support has been enhanced.
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  • We wish to remind customers who wish to upgrade to HumanCAD that upgrade credits are available to customers of ManneQuinPRO Versions 7 through 10.2, ManneQuinBE and ManneQuinELITE. The value of these credits will be reduced December 31, 2008.

AnyBody Modeling System

In June 2008, NexGen Ergonomics Inc signed an agreement to distribute AnyBody Technology products. NexGen will also be providing training courses on the AnyBody Modeling System™.

The AnyBody Modeling System™ is a software system for simulation of human movement. It can model smaller or larger subsets of the musculo-skeletal system (or the entire body) and compute muscle forces, joint reactions, metabolism, mechanical work, efficiency, etc. for given movements. Any property of the AnyBody™ model is parametric, and the system can be used for optimization of movement patterns, working positions, anthropometric data, boundary conditions etc.

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Ergonomic Job Analysis Software Solutions

  • ErgoIntelligence™ Upper Extremity Assessment (UEA)
    ACGIH HAL as well as VISTA support and floating license options will be available
    in the 4th quarter.
  • ErgoIntelligence™ Manual Materials Handling (MMH)
    VISTA support and floating license options will be available in the 4th quarter.
  • ErgoMaster®
    VISTA support and floating license options will be available in the 4th quarter.

Motion Capture Solutions

Ascension Technology Corporation

We are pleased to announce MotionStar Wireless LITE, which is an updated, portable version of Ascension's MotionStar Wireless 2 product. Researchers in ergonomics, kinesthetics, and biomechanical analysis have used MotionStar Wireless 2.

Pricing has been reduced on all configurations. LITE includes all components to immediately begin capturing motions: PC control box, sensors cabled to a small backpack electronics module for wireless transmission of data, extended range transmitter(s), and Motion Previewer software.

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Xsens Technologies

NexGen Ergonomics X-Analyzer

X-Analyzer V2.0 has been released and supports SDK V3 from Xsens. New configuration options have also been added. X-Analyzer was developed by NexGen Ergonomics and maps Xsens systems using the XM-B with MTx sensors to segments such as trunk, pelvis, arms, etc for up to 15 MTx sensors.

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Moven Studio version 2.1 has been released and includes the following improvements:


  • improved contact point detection; more natural jumping and running movements;
  • improved ankle, toe and spine kinematics;
  • pose reset; brings character back to origin.

Edit and export functions

  • edit two contact point segments simultaneously;
  • 128-step undo-redo system;
  • copy part of an MVN file and create a new MVN file;
  • batch export of complete file folders.


  • better feedback quality;
  • more accurate feedback on magnetic disturbance during calibration.

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The Biometrics DataLOG (W4X8) can now synch up to 2 DataLOGs in telemetry mode for a total of 16 channels.

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Thought Technology

Announcing Tele-Infiniti CF

Tele-Infiniti Compact Flash (CF) allows wireless data transmission from your Infiniti system to a computer up to 300 feet (100 m). It is now available for the ProComp 5 Infiniti (5-channel), ProComp Infiniti (8-channel) and FlexComp Infiniti (10-channel) encoders.

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Medical Products

Baseline Products

New Baseline Digital Smedley Spring Dynamometer

Digital lightweight Smedley spring dynamometer offers digital grip strength readout. Has 5-preset grip sizes. Auto captures and displays maximum grip force.

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There is a new mounting bracket (12-0266) for the Baseline wrist/forearm dynamometer and Baseline wrist evaluation sets.

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Thought Technology

Announcing Tele-Infiniti CF

Tele-Infiniti Compact Flash (CF) allows wireless data transmission from your Infiniti system to a computer up to 300 feet (100 m).

It is now available for the ProComp 5 Infiniti (5-channel), ProComp Infiniti (8-channel) and FlexComp Infiniti (10-channel) encoders. The unit disappears into the Compact Flash slot, leaving only the antenna visible - useful for sports and applications where the light and durable fiber-optic connection may hinder the subject.

Tele-Infiniti CF's ability to send up to 10 channels at 2048 samples/second makes this a powerful tool, not just for sports, but for ergonomics, physical therapy, physiatry, or any of a myriad of clinical applications.

Wireless Data Transmission finds its prime use when a user is ambulatory and real-time data monitoring is required. Optionally, these systems can record to any CF memory module; the data can then be transferred to the PC.

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New EEG Sensor

EEG-Z3 is a pre-amplified electroencephalograph sensor with built in impedance checking and 3 modes of operation: regular EEG mode (above 2 Hz), low frequency mode (above 0.01 Hz) for evoked potentials and low frequency applications and DC mode for true DC operation (above 0 Hz) for slow cortical potentials. Modes can be changed on-the-fly. Also includes DIN input connectors for use with standard EEG electrodes.

New accessories for the Infiniti product line include:

InclinoTrac (T7650)

InclinoTrac is a single inclinometer that measures the inclination angle relative to the ground. InclinoTrac uses solid-state micro-machined sensors and microprocessor technology to provide rapid settling and high resolution (0.1°) and accuracy (1.0°).

Dual InclinoTrac (T7655)

Dual-InclinoTrac is a dual inclinometer that measures relative angle (between back and head, for instance). Ideal choice for Range Of Motion assessment.

ForceTrac (T7640)

ForceTrac is a highly sensitive and accurate sensor capable of monitoring any force perpendicular to its surface through one of 3 attachments. It can be used as an algometer with its rod attachment or as a manual muscle tester with a choice of flat or curved rubber-coated attachment.

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Ergonomics Resource Center

Various new reference books and journals have been added at:

Wiley-Blackwell is offering a free one month trial to Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing. Click here for more information and to register.

The purpose of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing is to facilitate discovery, integration, and application of scientific knowledge about human aspects of manufacturing, and to provide a forum for worldwide dissemination of such knowledge for its application and benefit to manufacturing industries. The journal covers a broad spectrum of ergonomics and human factors issues with a focus on the design, operation and management of contemporary manufacturing systems, both in the shop floor and office environments, in the quest for manufacturing agility, i.e. enhancement and integration of human skills with hardware performance for improved market competitiveness, management of change, product and process quality, and human-system reliability. For more journal information, please click here.

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