NexGen Newsletter - Fall 2015

Our current newsletter contains highlights of NexGen Ergonomics Inc.'s latest product updates, specific technical notes and other corporate information.

Our world leading product line is continuously being updated and expanded with several new products for ergonomic analysis, design and research, biomechanics and medical applications.

Corporate News

NexGen Ergonomics celebrated its 20th year of operations in May 2015. Again, we would like to thank our thousands of users and customers worldwide for their support over the years as well as our engineering and support staff and all our partners and distributors.

NexGen will be exhibiting at:

  • HFES 59th Annual Meeting which will be held at the JW Marriott, Los Angeles, CA, USA, October 26-30, 2015
  • Canadian Society for Biomechanics (CSB2016). The meeting will be held at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, July 19-22, 2016.
  • 7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) 2016 and the Affiliated Conferences, Walt Disney World, Swan and Dolphin Hotel, Florida, USA,July 27-31, 2016

NexGen Ergonomics Inc is pleased to be a sponsor of Team Saksham International, at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Chennai, India, which is a student body under the automobile department, which conceptualizes, designs, and builds off-road vehicles for competing in national as well as international Baja competitions. They are VIT Chennai's official BAJA SAE team.

NexGen Ergonomics Inc is pleased to be a sponsor of the University of Western Ontario (London, Canada) Formula SAE series racing team. Their team designs, tests, and markets a new world-class formula style race car, which they race at international competitions. After competing this season, they are now the top Canadian team worldwide.

Ergonomics Resource Center

Recommended Texts & Resources

We have added several new textbooks to the listings in our online Ergonomics Resource Center.

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products


NexGen Ergonomics is pleased to announce that Version 4 Beta has been released. New features include:

  • Improved skinning algorithms
  • Ability to attach objects together
  • Ranges of motion editor and ability to save and reuse custom ranges of motion databases
  • Ambinocular and Binocular vision are both supported
  • Option to have the manipulator stay in the world reference frame orientation while manipulating an object
  • Ability to modify the display color of the mesh on objects that are imported
  • New in the Advanced Feature Set add-on module (AFS):
    • Comfort Zones; 3D reach clouds are now also painted on a surface of a workstation
    • New animation capability which allows users to create movements for mannequins and objects by selecting posture, position and orientation for each key frame as well as collision detection and attached objects support.

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Discontinued Support and Upgrade Credits for Legacy Human Modeling Software

Support for ManneQuinPRO/ELITE was discontinued December 31st, 2014. As previously announced, after December 31, 2011, support for ManneQuinELITE and ManneQuinPRO versions 8 thru 10.2 was limited to license assistance. Support for Version 7 and earlier versions were previously discontinued.

Support for HumanCAD Version 1 thru 1.2 is limited to license support.

Upgrade credits are available for customers who wish to upgrade to HumanCAD version 4 from ManneQuinPRO versions 7 thru 10.2, ManneQuinBE, ManneQuinELITE and HumanCAD versions 1 thru 3.0. The value of these credits is reduced each December 31st. Please contact us at to obtain additional information.

I2M HM-Analyzer (Human Motion Analyzer)

Version 2.5 Beta has been released. New features include:

  • The skeleton can be scaled according to anthropometry selections or criteria entered by the user
  • Streamlined interface
  • Improved animation
  • C3D file format on export
  • Improved graph options
  • More efficient file handling via DATS
  • Ability to halt SXTs wirelessly
  • Ability to reapply position calibration during recording
  • Multiple view options
  • Filters and utilities have been enhanced
  • Processing of angles according to the ISB and AAOS conventions has been improved
  • Processing of offline data has been improved
  • Customers can perform synchronization with the Biometrics MWX8 DataLOG both as a slave and master using either the Biometrics SYNC1BNC cable or the SYNC5BNC cable and the I2M Synching Box.

Mark-10 Gauges

New Series 2 gauges are available in 200 and 500 lbF capacities.

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Upgrade discounts are available for both hardware and software products for customers wishing to upgrade their older equipment. Please contact us at to obtain discounted upgrade pricing.

Safety and Industrial Hygiene Products

Casella Products

The revolutionary new dBadge2 personal noise dosimeters can be viewed and controlled remotely from a smart phone or tablet using the unique Airwave App. This means no more interrupting workers to check to see if the sample or the data collection is proceeding as planned! They are rugged, simple to use, and have built-in motion detectors as extra "QA" measures, as well as optional Octave Band and WAV file recording options! They will soon be available in IS (Intrinsically Safe) versions as well.

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Medical Products

Lafayette Products

We have added the new Lafayette professional hand dynamometer, Model 5030L1 Professional. Key features include:

  • 1% Accuracy: (compared to typical 3% accuracy)
  • Designed with leak-proof aluminum collars to protect the bellows from damage

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Fabrication Enterprises Products

We have added several WalSlide® options including additional lengths and optional overhead section as well as the full WalSlide exercise station.

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