Xsens Motion Analysis System

NexGen has announced new Xsens products that include Xbus Master Portable Multi-Sensor System that operates in tethered and wireless modes. The system incorporates the MTx which is a small and accurate 3DOF Orientation Tracker. It provides drift-free 3D orientation as well as kinematic data: 3D acceleration, 3D rate of turn (rate gyro) and 3D earth-magnetic field. The MTx is an excellent measurement unit for orientation measurement of human body segments and other applications requiring very low profile and light-weight sensor units.

VATS - Vibration Analysis Tool Set

NexGen released VATS Version 3.0 that includes ISO2631-5 and other updates.

Thought Technology Products

NexGen is pleased to announce that it has lowered the price of the 10-channel FlexComp Infiniti by 20%. The system supports a variety of physiological sensors including goniometers, FSRS and synchs with PC web cams. A telemetry option is planned for mid 2006.

The two channel MyoTrac Infiniti has been released and it provides two channels of raw or RMS EMG data at up to 2Khz sampling rates and synchs with PC web cams.

FSA Shear Sensor

NexGen announced the new FSA shear sensor. Shear sensors have a central shear element that measures the tangential (parallel) shear forces in 360 degrees. The central shear element lays on top of a 4 by 4 array of normal force sensors and also shows the normal force gradient (pinch shear).

Wireless ELF

Coming June 2006 - Wireless ELF eliminates cumbersome wires and enabling your laptop or PC to quickly capture and store force data from an event up to 100 feet away. This system will offer greater flexibility for applications where untethered force measurements are important.

System Components:

Both the Hub and Transmitter are battery operated. The Hub can support data from up to 8 sensors and transmitters at a time. For a 16-channel system, two Hubs would be required.

Human Modeling Software Solutions

NexGen is pleased to announce that HumanCAD, our next generation human modeling platform, is in Beta testing.

NexGen Adds Various Sphygmomanometer Models



There are now two Dynex models sold by NexGen: DynEx1 and DynEx2. Each is equipped with Grip Test mode. DynEx2 also provides Grip Therapy mode offering two methods for strengthening the handgrip muscles.

Ergonomics Resource Center

Our Ergonomics Resource Center has been updated with additional web links, research paper links and product information from other vendors with products for ergonomics solutions.