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Human Modeling Software Solutions


NexGen is pleased to announce the upcoming release of HumanCAD, our next generation human modeling platform. HumanCAD supercedes the ManneQuin product line.

HumanCAD is a new and unified human modeling software architecture, with a more intuitive interface, plugins, new inverse kinematics, and more. The new HumanCAD platform demonstrates our continued innovation that started in 1990 with ManneQuin, the world's first PC based human modeling solution.

Release 1.0 includes:

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Sales of licenses for ManneQuinPRO/ELITE will only be available to existing clients who wish to purchase additional license of these products. New sales of ManneQuinPRO V10.2 and ManneQuinELITE V1.3 will be discontinued once HumanCAD is released with the CADExchange and ErgoTools plugins. We will, however, continue to provide support for ManneQuinPRO versions 8 through 10.2 and ManneQuinELITE.

After May 1, 2007, we will no longer provide support for ManneQuinPRO versions V7.0 and V7.1 and earlier or ManneQuinONSITE.

Upgrade credits against purchases of HumanCAD for previous users of ManneQuin Versions 1.0 or 2.0 and ManneQuinONSITE will expire December 31, 2007. They will continue to be available for later version of ManneQuinPRO/ELITE after December 31, 2007.

Xsens Technologies


Initial shipments of Moven have commenced. The Moven motion capture suit is an easy to use, cost efficient system for full-body human motion capture. Moven captures the full 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) body motion of a human in real-time. The motion data is transmitted wirelessly to a PC/laptop. Moven is based on Xsens' state-of-the-art miniature inertial sensors and wireless communication solutions. This is combined with advanced sensor fusion algorithms that take into account biomechanical constraints.

The unique advantage of Moven's inertial technology is that no external cameras, emitters or markers are needed.

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X-Analyzer is currently in Beta testing. X-Analyzer was developed by NexGen Ergonomics and maps MTx sensors to segments such as trunk, pelvis, arms etc for up to 10 MTx sensors.

The user can choose to obtain either Euler angles or rotation matrix. X-Analyzer displays real-time data (or real-time converted data) for any selected MTx sensor one a time.

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VATS - Vibration Analysis Tool Set

VATS will be shipping (June 2007) with more storage (2GB), and a telemetry option (up to 1Khz per channel).

Our Series 3 1000g accelerometer has been enhanced with more options on cut-off frequencies and filtering.

For the next three months, we will be offering a discount on new VATS sales incorporating the new data logger.

Upgrades are available for previous VATS users. Contact us for information.

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FSA - Pressure Mapping Solutions

Wireless Adapter

This accessory can be added to any FSA Type IV interface module issued since 1998. It uses the RS232 serial port on the computer and can be powered by the USB port on the computer side and two AA batteries on the remote side.

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SoftFlex is a new generation of FSA sensing mats that are more durable, flexible and drapable. They feel soft like three layers of fabric and conform easily to soft interface shapes.

Products using SoftFlex include the HSA (Hand Sensor Array), FSA Industrial Seat & Back System (ISBS).

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New Temperature Mat

A new smaller temperature mat has been released with 144 thermisters in a 12" x 12" area within 14' x 14" mat.

Also temperature mats now have a wider temperature range.

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Biometrics Products

New DataLOG (W4X8)

The new DataLOG supports more memory, telemetry and DLL for 3rd party program transfers. Key new features:

Contact us for promotional discounts available for next 3 months.

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New K800 Amplifier

The K800 is a general purpose subject worn amplifier system allowing the user to collect analog data from a wide range of sensors. The sensors are categorized into 2 groups:

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New DataLINK (DLK900)

The DataLINK has been redesigned with a new case and look.

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Biometrics' In-Line Range of Sensors

The Biometrics' In-Line range of sensors are precision load cells providing a complete ready to go solution for measurements of load or force.

The sensor is focused to the needs of the researcher with high precision yet ease of use in mind. Designed for general research applications including the fields of medicine, industrial ergonomics and sports science, the In-Line load cell when combined with the versatility of the Biometrics' DataLINK or DataLOG data acquisition systems makes an ideal research and teaching tool.

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S-Beam Load Cells

The Biometrics' S-Beam range of sensors are precision load cells providing a complete ready to go solution for measurements of load or force. The S-Beam range of load cells may be used for both compression and tension applications. They may be used in-line or end mounted or a combination of both, and may be used in any attitude.

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Thought Technology

Bend Sensor (SA9550)

The new bend sensor is small enough to be placed on fingers and wrists to monitor joint motion. 180 degrees of flexion. Use sensors back to back to get a 360 degree range.

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Medical Products

Lafayette Instrument Products

Accumar Inclinometer

Compact, handheld unit features large digital display for easy reading. Store measurements with the hold button, and review maximum, minimum and average values. This full featured unit reduces examination time and enhances the objectivity of measurement and documentation. Supports range of motion evaluation as described in the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. Inclinometer comes with built-in wireless transmitter to optional computer interface.

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16030 Stability Platform

The Stability Platform measures balancing ability, which is essential to successfully performing many activities. The Model 16030 Stability Platform features fully integrated timing functions for test control and electronic angle measurement for unsurpassed accuracy. The platform control allows a wide range of user settable parameters including variable test times, selectable angle limits, and digital tilt angle readout.

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Ergo-Kit MMT

Ergo-Kit MMT System overcomes design problems that limit the use of other hand-held manual muscle testing devices in fitness and therapy applications:

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Biometrics M500 MyoMeter

The M500 MyoMeter allows the user to quantify the force applied during Manual Muscle Testing. Manual Muscle Testing is a procedure for the evaluation of the function and strength of individual muscles and muscle groups based on effective performance of a movement in relation to the forces of gravity and manual resistance.

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Thought Technology

ProComp5 Infiniti™

ProComp5 Infiniti provides the power and flexibility you need for real-time, data acquisition in a clinical, lab or field setting.

ProComp5 Infiniti is housed in an ergonomically designed case and requires only a USB port to connect to any IBM compatible PC. ProComp5 Infiniti has the identical inputs as ProComp Infiniti, but omits the last 3 channels. The first two sensor channels provide ultimate signal fidelity (2048 samples per second) for viewing raw EEG, SEMG, EKG and HR/BVP signals, while the remaining 3 channels sample data at 256 samples/second for slower signals such as respiration, temperature, etc. Not only can ProComp5 Infiniti capture data in real time by connecting directly to the PC via its fiber-optic cable, but it can also store data on a Compact Flash memory card for uploading later to the PC, or use optional long-range compact flash module telemetry anytime it is desirable.

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New Gold Plated EEG Electrodes

EEG electrodes have been designed for comfort, ease of use and durability, and include:

TT-EEG earclips can be connected together using a jumper cable for linked ear setups. They are the most comfortable and easy to use earclips on the market, assuring excellent connection through their large gold-plated surfaces.

With every new EEG sensor purchase, a free Monopolar/Bipolar package will be included (2 Cup Electrodes and 2 Earclips with a DIN cable). If the customer wants to do linked ears or connectivity (for example, coherence), there will be two extra add-on packages available for purchase:


New 2-point discriminator, stainless steel (12-1482)

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NexGen will be exhibiting at the Association of Canadian Ergonomists conference in Toronto, October 2007.

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