NexGen Newsletter - Spring 2012

NexGen Ergonomics Inc. continues to expand its world leading product line with several new and updated products for ergonomic analysis, design and research, biomechanics and medical applications. Information can be found at our website in both our News and Products sections.
Ergonomics Products:
Medical Products:

Corporate News

NexGen Ergonomics is pleased to have been a sponsor of the 9th Ontario Biomechanics Conference. The conference was held March 16 to 18, 2012 at Kempenfelt Conference Centre in Barrie, Ontario. The NexGen Ergonomics student paper was awarded and is designed to recognize excellent student research in occupational biomechanics and ergonomics.

NexGen will also be exhibiting at the following conferences:

Canadian Society of Biomechanics (CSB) 17th Biannual Meeting
Simon Fraser University's Burnaby Campus
Burnaby, BC, Canada
June 6-9, 2012

4th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 2012
Hilton San Francisco Union Square
San Francisco, CA, USA
July 21-25,2012

Association of Canadian Ergonomists 43rd Annual Conference
Westin Hotel, Halifax, NS, Canada
August 14-16, 2012
Pre-Conference Workshops: August 13
Exhibitor Showcase: August 14-15

HFES 56th Annual Meeting
Westin Boston Waterfront
Boston, MA, USA
October 22-26, 2012

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products


As of December 31, 2011, Support for ManneQuinELITE and ManneQuinPRO versions 8 thru 10.2 will be limited to license assistance. Support for Version 7 and earlier were previously discontinued.

We wish to remind customers who wish to upgrade to HumanCAD that upgrade credits are available to customers of ManneQuinPRO Versions 7 through 10.2, ManneQuinBE and ManneQuinELITE. The value of these credits is reduced each December 31st.

NexGen is pleased to announce the release of its new HumanCAD 2.0 platform Beta version. Beta testers are eligible for discounts. Please contact us for details.

I2M Motion Tracking Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

HM-Analyzer (Human Motion Analyzer)

A new version will be released this quarter which will include a new DATS (Data Analysis Tool Set) module in HM-Analyzer. The new DATS module provides a new interface for filtering data in real-time. DATS calculates anatomical angles of a selected limb and displays the data in real-time. ISB (International Society of Biomechanics) conventions are also supported.

Other new features will also be added.

Learn more at:

TK Motion Manager

The latest version is April 2, 2012. Recent enhancements include:

  • New and improved functionality for synchronizing your recordings with 3rd party hardware
  • New configuration time gyroscope offset correction
  • Faster configuration times for wireless streaming modes
  • Improvements to synchronization lock time and accuracy in the synchronized logging mode
  • Improved magnetic calibration routine

There is still no charge for updates so please make sure you are running the latest version.

Ametek Gauge Products

Ergonomic kits with electronic gauges can be configured by ordering a standard DFX II, DFE II or DFS II gauge and also a MSCK-travel kit which includes the cut-out in a large case for the gauge and various accessories.

Digital gauges are now available for sale in Canada again.

Mark-10 Products

  • Introductory pricing has been extended on the new EK3 Ergonomics kit.
  • A new clasp hook is now available for all Ergonomics kits MK, EK3 and EK5. It can also be ordered separately. Please contact us for details.
  • The new Series TT01 cap torque testers were released and replace the Series CTA testers. See:

Lumbar Motion Monitor™

Since its introduction last year, the new iLMM3 has been shipped worldwide to several countries.

Learn more at:

Biometrics Ltd. Products

  • Upgrade discounts are available for users of older DataLOG models to the new miniature MWX8. See:
  • New recommended batteries for DataLOG. Besides the ones listed in the user manual, Energizer Ultimate Lithium 1.5V AA test results show they are superior to many others.

Xsens Products

NexGen has a MTi-28A53G25 available at a discounted price.
Please contact us at for details.

Medical Products

Fabrication Enterprise Products

  • The following dynamometers and pinch gauge are now available with two-year parts and labor warranties (previously were one-year warranty):
    The following dynamometers and pinch gauge come with 5-year parts and labor warranties:
    12-0221 12-0222 12-0116
    Learn more at:
  • We are pleased to announce the addition of the Baseline digital body fat analyzer model 12-1122. See:

  • The 12-1016 Baseline SS finger goniometer is now available in 25 packs.
  • New 12-0470 Accessory Pack includes:

    12-0371: padded curve
    12-0370: padded straight
    12-0372: 1cm2 circular
    12-0377: medium hook
    12-0379: oval snap
    12-0376: small hook
    12-0446: threaded oval

  • New Baseline 6-piece goniometer sets.

  • New Baseline inclinometers:

    12-1149: Baseline AcuAngle inclinometer
    12-1149-2: Baseline AcuAngle inclinometer (set of 2 units)

  • New goniometers:

    12-1240: Baseline 360° economical plastic goniometer, 12 inch
    12-1240-25: Baseline 360° economical plastic goniometer, 12 inch (25 units)
    12-1241: Baseline 360° economical plastic goniometer, 8 inch
    12-1241-25: Baseline 360° economical plastic goniometer, 8 inch (25 units)
    12-1242: Baseline 360° economical plastic goniometer, 6 inch
    12-1242-25: Baseline 360° economical plastic goniometer, 6 inch (25 units)
    12-1245: Baseline 180° economical plastic pocket goniometer, 6 inch
    12-1245-25: Baseline 180° economical plastic pocket goniometer, 6 inch (25 units)
    12-1246: Baseline 360° economical plastic rulongmeter, 7 inch
    12-1246-25: Baseline 360° economical plastic rulongmeter, 7 inch (25 units)
    12-1012HR: Baseline HiRes flexion/hyperextension plastic finger goniometer, 5½ inch
    12-1012HR-25: Baseline HiRes flexion/hyperextension plastic finger goniometer, 5½ inch (25 units)

  • New skinfold calipers:

    12-1130: Baseline 2-sided medical skinfold caliper with case
    12-1131: Baseline 2-sided medical skinfold caliper without case


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