NexGen Newsletter - Spring 2015

Our current newsletter contains highlights of NexGen Ergonomics Inc.'s latest product updates, specific technical notes and other corporate information.

Our world leading product line is continuously being updated and expanded with several new products for ergonomic analysis, design and research, biomechanics and medical applications.

Corporate News

NexGen Ergonomics is celebrating its 20th year in 2015. We would like to thank our thousands of users and customers worldwide for their support over the years as well as our engineering and support staff and all our partners and distributors.

NexGen will be exhibiting at:

  • The 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE) 2015 which will be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV, USA, July 26-30, 2015
  • HFES 59th Annual Meeting which will be held at the JW Marriott, Los Angeles, CA, USA, October 26-30, 2015

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products

I2M HM-Analyzer (Human Motion Analyzer)

HM-Analyzer users can synchronize with the Biometrics DataLOG system with sensors such as EMG. To do this a synchronizing kit is required. Please contact NexGen for details.

Training videos are available for Version 2. Please email for information.

Learn more at:


Biometrics Version 9.01 is the latest Analysis Software version.

Upgrade discounts are available for both hardware and software products. Please contact us at to obtain discounted upgrade pricing.

The Biometrics DataLOG can be synchronized with NexGen's I2M inertial sensor solutions.

Casella Human Vibration Products

We are pleased to announce the release of the new HAVex Tri-Axial Hand Arm Vibration Meter which has been specifically designed for Hand Arm Vibration Exposure Measurements.

The HAVex meter is supplied with the Vibdata Lite software which allows you to download your measurements via USB for analysis and storage of data as required by regulations, or upgrade to Vibdata Pro.

Learn more at:


Please note that the latest version is V3. For all customers who are on annual maintenance, please contact if your current version is not Version 3.

Learn more at:


Support was discontinued December 31st, 2014. As previously announced, after December 31, 2011, support for ManneQuinELITE and ManneQuinPRO versions 8 thru 10.2 was limited to license assistance. Support for Version 7 and earlier versions were previously discontinued.

Upgrade credits are available for customers who wish to upgrade to HumanCAD Version 3 from ManneQuinPRO Versions 7 through 10.2, ManneQuinBE, ManneQuinELITE and HumanCAD versions 1.0 thru 2.6. The value of these credits is reduced each December 31st.

FSA Pressure Mapping Solutions

We are pleased to announce various new products in the FSA Boditrak product line.

The new BodiTrak Seat Monitor and the new BodiTrak Bed Monitor allow you to display pressure mapping results on an Android tablet. Manufacturers of seating products can now use the BodiTrak Seat Monitor as a portable low cost solution to assist in their product demonstrations. Ergonomists can easily use the system to analyze seating postures.

For the next 60 days, we will include a free Android tablet with all Boditrak Monitor orders. Contact us for intro pricing and details of this offer at

Smart products incorporating BodiTrak technology.
Smart Products allow for data to be used to intelligently adjust surfaces, control devices, and for systems to promote better comfort without user intervention. Please contact us to find out how these smart products can be incorporated into your products.

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Medical Products

Baseline Products

NexGen has added several new Baseline products:

New 5-position Hydraulic Pinch Grip Gauge

  • The adjustable handle fits all size hands for accurate and repeatable pinch measurements.
  • 5-position strength test protocols (MVE and MMVE) now can be used for pinch measurements.
  • Easy to adjust paddle accommodates to any size hand (other pinch gauges only have one pinch width).
  • Pinch width without paddle is the same width as standard pinch gauges, both mechanical and hydraulic.
  • 5 pinch positions permits MVE and MMVE protocols to be used with tip, palmar and key tests. (CE Certified, 2-year warranty)

Learn more at:

New 3-Piece Hand Evaluation Sets

Baseline Hand Evaluation 3-piece set (Clinical model & Feedback model with reverse heads) features feedback 200 lb. hydraulic hand dynamometer & 5-position feedback mode 50 lb. hydraulic pinch gauge. See:

New Baseline 2-Sided Deluxe Skinfold Caliper 12-1130


New Baseline Xtender Goniometer 12-1036


New 12-1027 Digital Goniometer With 180 Degree Range, 9 Inch Arms, & AA


Two New Baseline Body Fat Analyzers

The Baseline 12-1141 BF analyzer and 12-1140 mini BF analyzer. See:

New Measurement Tapes


New Baseline Digital 5-Position Pinch Grip and Hand Dynamometer

The instruments are Bluetooth enabled. The maximum (peak) value is shown for each scan. The average (mean), standard deviation (SD) and coefficient of variation (CV) are calculated and displayed for each series of scans.

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Thought Technology Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Suite

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest ProComp 2 series package with the focus on HRV.

The heart rate variability (HRV) suite is a set of simple tools, designed to help the clinician do biofeedback therapy with clients, even if they have little or no experience with biofeedback. The tools in this suite will help the clinician evaluate client's heart rate variability and provide a multi-pronged approach to retraining the cardiovascular physiology underlying HRV.

The tools will also allow the clinician to:

  • Monitor HRV during therapy
  • Teach self-regulation with HRV biofeedback
  • Teach simple breathing techniques aimed at reducing tension and anxiety while maximizing HRV

The HRV Suite based on BioGraph Infiniti 6.04, works with the clinical grade ProComp 2 physiological data acquisition device and the HR/BVP sensor and respiration sensors. When using the HRV assessment tool, you have the option of connecting a blood pressure monitor (A&D UA-767PC) if you want to include blood pressure readings in the assessment measures.

There are introductory discounted prices (valid to June 30, 2015) for the T7406M - Procomp2 w/ HRV Suite (w/BioGraph Infiniti software, respiration and HR/BVP sensors) and the SA7580 - HRV Suite (requires BioGraph 6.04, for ProComp 2 or ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp in Legacy mode).

The HRV suite is not compatible with ProComp 5 systems.

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