NexGen Newsletter - Spring 2018

Our newsletter contains information on our latest product updates, specific technical notes and other corporate information.

NexGen Ergonomics' world leading product line is continuously being updated and expanded with several new products for ergonomic analysis, design and research, biomechanics and medical applications.

Corporate News

NexGen Ergonomics Inc is pleased to again be a sponsor of the Western University (London, Ontario, Canada) Formula SAE series racing team. Their team designs, tests, and markets a new world-class formula style race car, which they race at international competitions.

We are also a sponsor of the Concordia University Formula SAE car team. In 2016, their competition car designed and engineered by Concordia's Formula SAE team was on display at Montreal's Grand Prix weekend in downtown Montreal.

NexGen will be exhibiting at:

  • 9th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE), July 22-26, 2018, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, Universal Studios Orlando Resort, Florida, USA
  • 20th Biennial Meeting of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics, August 14-17, 2018, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products

Biometrics Ltd. Products

DataLITE Hand Held Trigger Switch (IS6LED)

The new DataLITE Hand Held Trigger Switch provides the user with a very accurate solution for synchronizing the DataLITE with 3rd party systems such as a Vicon or Qualisys motion analysis camera based system.

In addition, it may be used as an event marker input to any DataLITE system recording.

Learn more at:


Version 5

NexGen will shortly be releasing its second Beta of Version 5. We would like to thank all our customers who have participated in testing the Alpha and initial Beta versions.

Customers who are on annual maintenance and who would like to participate are encouraged to contact us.

HM-Analyzer (Human Motion Analyzer)

NexGen has released HM-Analyzer version 3.1 for Xsens MTw Awinda, APDM Opal & NexGen I2M IMU systems.

I2M Motion Tracking Product Line

I2M solutions now include the new SXT V2 inertial sensors as well as an updated HM-Analyzer software version with video synchronization and other new features. Updated IMU specifications and additional information is at:


Version 4.5 was released in the second half of 2017 (see Fall 2017 newsletter). We are now offering upgrade pricing for users of earlier versions.

FSA Pressure Mapping Solutions

  • We are pleased to announce a new software version that will be included with all new pressure mapping, temperature mat or glove/ISS system solutions. Existing customers can call NexGen to obtain upgrade prices.
  • A new smaller high pressure cal jig is now available for use with the Glove Pressure Mapping System (GPMS), ISS sensor solutions and small pressure mats. It can be used to calibrate pressures to 30 psi. The larger HPCG is still required for some larger pressure mats that can be used to 30 psi. The new jig weighs only 12 lbs and dimensions when assembles are 14" x 14" x 6.2" (height).
  • Also, custom pressure mats can be produced. Please contact us for any non-standard sizes or layouts.

Mark-10 Gauges

Series E Gauges

NexGen will again be including a permanent license of our ErgoIntelligence MMH EI-MMH-SCM: Snook & Ciriello and Mital Table analysis software for all E series kit orders placed before June 30, 2018. This is a $399 USD value.


E series ergonomics kits include the new Series E advanced ergonomics force gauges. Attachments click and lock into place via innovative Click-Lock™ technology, a rugged antirotation locking mechanism. The attachments may be clicked into 90° or 180° orientations. No fastening is required, as with conventional force gauges, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the instrument.


Medical Products

FSA Pressure Mapping Solutions

We are also pleased to announce the release of a new balance solution using pressure mapping technology for rehab applications. BodiTrak Balance systems use software and a pressure-mapping sensor to provide center-of-pressure and vertical force information on a video monitor showing the patient's movement and foot pressure.

The systems provide effective tools for the therapist to assess balance-challenged patients and biofeedback to educate and train patients while documenting their progress.

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New Baseline® XTender™ Goniometer (12-1034HR)

  • Measures the axis and range of motion of either large or small joints
  • The head can move 360 degrees and has three easy-to-read scales
  • Stainless-steel arms screw into the goniometer easily and can extend from 12.5" to 33" (31cm to 83cm) for larger measurements

Learn more at:

New Lafayette Digital Hand Dynamometer

Isometric grip force is scored with ±1% accuracy from 0-300 lbs (136.1kg, 1335 N). The Digital Hand Dynamometer has a battery life of 10 hours and can retain up to 250 tests in its data stores or be combined with the Lafayette LEval App to create a database of test scores for storage and generating normative data.

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