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NexGen Ergonomics Inc. continues to expand its world leading product line with several new and updated products for ergonomic analysis, design and research, biomechanics and medical applications. Information can be found at our website in both our News and Products sections.
Ergonomics Products:
Medical Products:

Our new website will also be launched in December. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback.

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products

Human Modeling Software Solutions

NexGen is pleased to announce the immediate availability of HumanCAD Version 1.1. This is the first software update of HumanCAD since its release in May.


Digital human modeling technology is an important tool in determining the human fit of products and workplaces before they are built. HumanCAD is NexGen Ergonomics' next generation digital human modeling platform, with a more intuitive interface, a plugin system, new inverse kinematics, and more. Leading manufacturing corporations, product design companies, government organizations, forensic consultants and universities have purchased our digital human modeling solutions.


The new ErgoTools module includes the HumanCAD 3D static biomechanical model, and interface to the University of Michigan 3DSSPP and the 1991 NIOSH lifting equation.

Other new features include:

  • New camera management allowing for the creation of custom viewpoints and cameras
  • New library of hand postures
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements (improved Forward and Inverse Kinematics controllers, screen capture to PNG files, etc.)

Mac OS X support

HumanCAD now runs natively on Mac OS X, on both Intel and PowerPC architectures. The Mac version is scheduled to be shipped by the end of November. All HumanCAD modules will be supported.

Academic Guide

The academic guide has been produced to assist instructors with ergonomic and biomechanics theory. It provides the instructor with real-world examples that can easily be evaluated or simulated with the HumanCAD program.

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Sales of licenses for ManneQuinPRO/ELITE will only be available to existing clients who wish to purchase additional licenses of these products. New sales of ManneQuinPRO V10.2 and ManneQuinELITE V1.are discontinued. We will, however, continue to provide support for ManneQuinPRO versions 8 through 10.2 and ManneQuinELITE.

As previously announced, as of May 1, 2007, we no longer provide support for ManneQuinPRO versions V7.0 and V7.1 and earlier or ManneQuinONSITE.

Upgrade credits against purchases of HumanCAD for previous users of ManneQuin Versions 1.0 or 2.0 and ManneQuinONSITE will expire December 31, 2007. Upgrade credits for all other versions are reduced annually at the end of each calendar year.

Xsens Technologies - Motion Capture Solutions

Xbus Master

A new Xbus receiver with longer range has been released and is shipping with all new systems.

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Moven Updates

Following the successful introduction of Moven last year, Xsens is now proud to present the release of several new Moven features.

Moven Studio 2.0 offers a range of new user options, including extended capturing rates (up to 120Hz), scaling to the subjects' dimensions and various export and streaming options. These features allow researchers and developers to get more accurate measurements and easier access to the 3D motion data captured with Moven.

Moven has already been proven to be particularly well suited for sports scientists using the system in demanding outdoor applications. By improving the cable quality and the wireless communication components, the system's robustness and reliability have been further enhanced.

By both software and hardware modifications, Moven now offers improved performance in any situation, making Moven yet easier to use.

The Moven system includes a full body suit, Moven Studio 2.0 and wireless communication. This all comes in a single flight case, for easy transport. The price further includes 1 year of free software maintenance and support and a 2-year warranty. Moven is also available in a lower or upper body configuration.

End-of-year offer for research institutes

We want to encourage research institutes to experience the benefits of using Moven in their biomechanical research set-up. Therefore Xsens offers a second year of free software maintenance and support for Moven orders received until December 31st, 2007.

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The latest X-Analyzer Beta Version 1.5 has been released. X-Analyzer was developed by NexGen Ergonomics and maps MTx sensors to segments such as trunk, pelvis, arms etc for up to 15 MTx sensors.

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Announcing MESURgauge Software

MESURgauge is a measuring and analysis program designed to expand the functionality of force and torque measuring instruments. MESURgauge captures readings from any force or torque gauge with RS-232 output and displays data in tabular and graphical formats.

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New Mark10 Torque Wrenches Series STW

The STW is ideal for testing application and removal torque on bolts and other fasteners, with numerous uses in the automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

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VATS (Vibration Analysis Tool Set)

Our VATS vibration analysis solution has been further enhanced with the release of Version 3.4. This new version includes the ability to import other accelerometer data for analysis in VATS.

We have also released an enhanced Series 3 accelerometer with more frequency cut-off options.

FSA Pressure Mapping Solutions

The ISS-Octopus sensor can now be ordered in 8-sensor configurations.

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New Entry-level Interface Module

Also for users who only need to connect one pressure accessory at any one time can now order the Entry system which also has a telemetry option.

Customers have a choice of purchasing Interface modules with one or two ports. A two-port module would allow for example the simultaneous collection of data from both seat and back mats.

The Standard Interface Module has two ports while the Entry Interface Module has one port.

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FSA Split / Pommel Seat Mat

The FSA Split / Pommel mat separates in the middle of the front half of the mat, allowing the mat to be molded around pommels and other supports. The FSA Split Seat offers a unique ability to accommodate pommels and other supports. This mat is designed for pressure mapping around prominent contours.

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Thought Technology

There is a new Report Generator for MyoTrac Infiniti.

High speed telemetry for the FlexComp Infiniti is expected to be released by the next quarter.

Medical Products

Thought Technology

The NEW BioGraph Infiniti Version 4.0 Released

BioGraph Infiniti version 4.0 is compatible with Windows Vista, and comes with over 100 exciting new features and new functions.

Major new features of 4.0 version:

  • Z-score neurofeedback (5 new screens added to the EEG Suite)
  • Dual Threshold Feedback (useful for coherence, phase, z-score, etc.)
  • Built-in Programmable Respiration Pacer (6 new screens added to the Physiology Suite)
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Resonant Frequency Detection (6 new screens added to the Physiology Suite)
  • Pulse transit time feedback (delay between EKG R-spike and finger pulse) (3 new screens)

The hardware devices and basic software functions for Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP), Evoked and Event-Related Potentials (EP/ERP), Reaction Time Testing and Joint Time Frequency Analysis (JTFA) are also be available with 4.0 version. However, the specialized application Suites are still under development, and are expected to be released in 2008.

Some of Over 100 New Features:

  • Quick Toggle for Feedback Conditions (up or down training)
  • Enhanced DVD Feedback Settings
  • Smoothing on Screen Instruments
  • New Connection Instrument (for 3rd party games or network based multimedia applications)
  • Improved Percentage Instrument (automatic threshold)
  • True Dual Monitor Support (with control of client monitor from clinician's monitor on-the-fly)
  • Session Replay: replay at 2X, 4X or 8X speed or jump to specific time, activity or event marker.
  • New Reporting Functions:
    • Compatible with Robert Thatcher's NeuroGuide EEG software.
    • Trend Graph instrument enhancements
    • Printouts of impedance measures
    • Pre-defined event marker labels can be printed
    • A table of cut-off frequencies can be included in report
  • New Algorithms:
    • JTFA: Joint Time Frequency Analysis (Gabor and Adaptive Spectrograms)
    • EEG Phase and Amplitude Asymmetry added to the connectivity measures (Coherence)
    • HRV related calculations: NN50 & pNN50, etc.
    • New epoch settings for computation of percentage of baseline or percentage of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC), etc.
    • Area under the curve statistics
  • New Audio Feedback Options:
    • Binaural Beats
    • Improved MIDI Tone Feedback Options
    • Volume Level Feedback
    • More Alarm Modes
  • Expanded "Edit Virtual Channel" Options (useful for DVD and in-session trend)
  • Copy and Paste of Screen Instruments
  • A script can be linked to an Excel report file
  • Hiding script screens from the screen list of Open Display session
  • More Shortcut Keys


NexGen will be exhibiting at the 11th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference, March 11-14, 2008, Rosen Center, Orlando, Florida.

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