NexGen Ergonomics' HumanCAD human modeling solution creates digital humans in a three-dimensional environment in which a variety of ergonomic and human factor analysis can be performed. HumanCAD aids users with the design of products and workplaces by determining what humans of different sizes can see, reach, or lift.

The new HumanCAD platform is our 5th generation and demonstrates our continued innovation that started in 1990 with ManneQuin, the world's first PC based human modeling solution and was followed by ManneQuinPRO and ManneQuinELITE. Thousands of users in various industries, government organizations, universities and consultants worldwide have acquired these human modeling solutions.

HumanCAD includes a modular architecture that allows customers to purchase the modules they need. Included in all configurations is inverse and forward kinematics, digital human creation using a variety of libraries and databases, vision and reach analysis and much more. You can save your custom postures or anthropometries in these libraries for reuse.

HumanCAD's ergonomic evaluation tools provide data on potential injury risk and postural analysis. Other human factor tools aid in the determination of reach, vision, comfort and fit requirements.

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Product Features

Flexible Anthropometry

Easy Mannequin Positioning

Ergonomics and Space Analysis

Versatile Environment and 3D Navigation

Extensive Import-Export Files Support

Ergonomic Design and Testing

HumanCAD can assist in the design of a variety of transportation vehicles. You can easily create mannequins of various anthropometries to test your designs for reach, vision and more.

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HumanCAD digital human modeling technology is an important tool in determining the human fit of products and workplaces before they are built. This includes looking at comfort zones for certain tasks.

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HumanCAD Modules

HumanCAD's plug-in architecture can support a variety of modules from NexGen. The following modules are currently available:

Recommended System Requirements

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