VATS™ (Vibration Analysis ToolSet) Software

Concern for the hazards related to exposure of the human body to vibration from power tools, vehicles and machinery has increased in recent years. Both whole body vibration and hand arm vibration can cause physical damage and considerable increased compensation costs. Various standards have been implemented to address this important hazard area. Our VATS software has been developed to enable organizations to easily analyze vibration data and compare them to the various standards. VATS can import accelerometer data from most instrumentation.

The file must be a text formatted file and up to two accelerometers of data can be included in the file. The data is separated by commas or spaces. The file format is: X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2.

Leading organizations worldwide use VATS. These include vehicle and tool manufacturers, government organizations, universities, corporations and consultants.

VATS is available for either hand-arm or whole body analysis. Hand-arm vibration analysis is based on the ISO 5349 and ACGIH standard for hand arm vibration (HAV). Whole body vibration analysis is based on the ISO 2631-1, 2631-5 (2004), 2631-5 (2018), BS 6841, and ACGIH standard for whole body vibration (WBV) and 8 hours exposure.

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Software Features

Data Analysis performed:

All calculated values and graphs can be exported in ASCII, PDF or HTML formats.

Users can select one or more data ranges by using the mouse and left-clicking and dragging to select the desired data points. The selected data points will appear in the RMS graph below the Raw Data. This process can be done multiple times to select different data points. All the data points will then be combined for the analysis.

You can easily remove a data selection, by simply right-clicking on it and selecting Remove Selection.

Minimum System Requirements