BodiTrak Balance Systems

The BodiTrak BioMetrics solution for Physical Therapy & Sports Performance provides objective data and performance metrics for clinical decisions. This system enables you to obtain a better picture of symmetry, weight shift, compensations, balance and more for analysis, treatment progression and return to function.

Balance Mats

Balance mats are available in three sizes:


You can quantify baseline data and performance metrics to validate your observations. Built-in static assessments for Standing Bilateral Balance, Single Leg Balance, mCTSIB, and fCTSIB. Dynamic assessments for Squat and Vertical Jump are included. You can also identify and analyze asymmetry and compensations.

Other benefits and features:

System Requirements: Windows 10, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, available WiFi connectivity.

BodiTrak2 Sensors are covered by patents, including but not limited to: US Patent Numbers: 7,201,063; 6,543,299.
Other patents pending.