Baseline® Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer

Measure strength of back, leg and chest. Base provides sure footing. Chain length is adjusted to accommodate for height differences or to vary the point of force application. Shows pounds and kilograms. Pointer remains at maximum until reset.

Available Models
Baseline 12-0403 - Large base, 660 lb. adult
Baseline 12-0400 - 600 lb. adult
Baseline 12-0401 - 330 lb. adolescent
Baseline 12-0402 - 165 lb. child

Back-Leg-Chest Hardware Accessories

Baseline 12-0442 - Single handle
Baseline 12-0441 - Double handle

Baseline 12-0443 - Chain (ordered by the foot)

Baseline 12-0406 - Regular base (18"x18")
Baseline 12-0407 - Large Base (24"x24")

Baseline 12-0445 - Snap oval
Baseline 12-0446 - Threaded oval

Back-Leg-Chest Measurement Accessories

The accessory is first fastened to the subject near the muscle group being evaluated. The measurement device is then connected to the accessory.

Available Measurement Accessories
Baseline 12-0420 - ankle
Baseline 12-0422 - thigh
Baseline 12-0424 - wrist
Baseline 12-0427 - shoulder harness
Baseline 12-0428 - foot stirrup
Baseline 12-0429 - head harness

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Baseline is a registered trademark of Fabrication Enterprises Incorporated.