Baseline® Hand Dynamometer MMT Converter

Take manual muscle test readings with your grip strength dynamometer. Convert any grip strength dynamometer to a MMT dynamometer.

Dynamometer, MMT handle
and 3 push pads

Dynamometer, MMT handle, stabilizer handle

MMT handle with 3 push pads
12-0580: fits all hydraulic dynamometers

MMT / grip strength dynamometer w/ 3 pads
12-0590: LiTE 1 year warranty
12-0591: standard 2 year warranty
12-0592: HD 5 year warranty

MMT / grip strength dynamometer w/ 3 pads and stabilizer handle
12-0593: LiTE 1 year warranty
12-0594: standard 2 year warranty
12-0595: HD 5 year warranty

Dual-handled stabilizer
12-0583: fits all hydraulic dynamometers

Baseline is a registered trademark of Fabrication Enterprises Incorporated.