Biometrics M550 MyoMeter

The M550 MyoMeter allows the user to quantify the force applied during Manual Muscle Testing. Manual Muscle Testing is a procedure for the evaluation of the function and strength of individual muscles and muscle groups based on effective performance of a movement in relation to the forces of gravity and manual resistance.

The M550 MyoMeter is held by the examiner with the curved anvil placed against the body part to be tested. The limb is stabilized and held in the desired starting position. The patient is instructed to hold the limb in position and resist the force applied by the examiner. The examiner applies force gradually until the limb is depressed. The force required to move the limb is referred to as the "breaking force".

The device is focused to the needs of the researcher with high precision yet ease of use in mind. Designed for general research applications in the fields of medicine, industrial ergonomics and sports science, the M550 when combined with the versatility of the Biometrics' DataLINK or DataLOG data acquisition systems makes an ideal research and teaching tool.

The M550 MyoMeter unit is supplied with two anvils:

Dimensions 115 x 65 x 32 mm
Mass 250 g
Accuracy Better than 1% Rated Load
Rated Load 0 to 500N, Calibrated and designed to work in compression only
Anvils 1 small, 1 large
Cable Direct connection to DataLOG, DataLINK and K800 using cable type no. H2000

By simply interfacing the M550 MyoMeter to the Biometrics' DataLINK or DataLOG and utilizing the management & analysis software, force may be displayed and analyzed in units of Kg, lbs, or N. There is no need to calibrate the device each time it is used as this is set during manufacture. The device is ready to go giving accurate readings for both static and dynamic applications.

An AD2 wireless adaptor is required to connect to DataLITE systems.

The Output cable H2000FW is designed specifically to allow the user to interface the M550 MyoMeter to instrumentation other than that supplied by Biometrics Ltd.