Biometrics DataLITE Wireless Systems

The DataLITE wireless system consists of a USB Dongle attached to a PC along with up to 16 battery operated DataLITE wireless sensors. The sensors convert input signals such as joint angle, EMG or force data to their equivalents and then transmit these in real-time to the PC. This produces a versatile and expandable design with the greatest possible accuracy, negligible drift and the greatest freedom for the test subject.

The DataLITE wireless communications uses a frequency-hoping scheme to minimise the effects of interference and multi-path signal cancellation. A total of 16 frequencies are used; these are evenly spaced from 2.38 GHz to 2.492 GHz. The dongle and sensor avoid interferences from other signals by hoping to a new frequency after transmitting or receiving a data packet.

DataLITE Benefits

  • A versatile & expandable design:
    • Up to 16 sensors may be used with a single DG2 for a maximum of 24 analogue inputs and 8 digital inputs
    • 4 systems may operate simultaneously in the same environment
  • A technologically advanced miniaturised wireless solution providing robust & reliable data collection
  • A sophisticated communication protocol utilising a frequency-hoping scheme to minimise the effects of interference and multi path signal cancellation
  • A progressive transponder data transfer scheme allows for real time data recovery
  • A carefully selected digital design producing an optimum performance from a miniature battery cell
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Typically 11 hours of continuous use between charging
  • A typical work environment will give a 40m working range
  • Precision CNC machined plastic & metal components used throughout product range giving an outstanding level of mechanical integrity
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty for whole DataLITE product range

DataLITE Dongle (DG2) Specifications

  • USB connection to a Windows 8/10 desktop or laptop, or a Windows 10 tablet
  • USB powered
  • Minimum working range of 40m
  • Up to 16 DataLITE wireless sensors on a single channel
  • Up to 4 available channels allowing 4 independent systems to be used simultaneously in the same work area

DataLITE Wireless Sensors

DataLITE Wireless Goniometers

Using the exact technology as the Biometrics electrogoniometers for dynamic joint movement measurement - the new Biometrics wireless twin axis goniometers incorporate a wireless transmitter to send data directly to the computer for display, analysis, and saving or transferring to custom applications in real-time.


In general, there are no fixed rules governing which size of sensor is most suitable for a particular joint; this depends on the size of the subject. The sensor must be capable of reaching across the joint so that the two end blocks can be mounted where least movement occurs between the skin and underlying skeletal structure. In certain circumstances more than one size of sensor will be appropriate. The following table is given for guidance only and refers to an adult population. Size used will vary within pediatrics.

  Joint Output # of Channels A Max A Min B C D E F Weight (g)
W65 Wrist Flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation 2 65 30 55 18 53 22 12 24
W75 Wrist (large) Flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation 2 75 35 60 18 53 22 12 25
W110 Elbow or ankle Flexion/extension, or dorsiflexion/plantarflexion and inversion/eversion 2 110 70 60 18 53 22 12 25
W150 Knee or hip Flexion/extension and valgus/varus, or flexion/extension and abudction/adduction 2 150 100 70 18 53 22 12 27
W150/B Back Flexion/extension, lateral flexion 2 150 50 120 18 53 22 12 29

Transducer type: strain gauge
Life1: 600,000 cycles
Accuracy: ±2° measured over a range of ±90°
Repeatability: 1° measured over a range of 90°
Operating temperature range: +10°C to +40°C
Temperature zero drift: 0.15 degrees angle/°C

1Life test results have been collected by cycling the sensors through movements that would happen during everyday use. For example, placing a sensor on an adult elbow and moving from the neutral position to maximum flexion and back to the neutral position, the unit will function for typically 600,000 cycles.

Up to 2 axis per sensor with up to 2 digital inputs suitable for pressure sensors
  • Resolution of better than +0.1 degree in a range of +180 degrees
  • Selectable sampling rates of 1000, 500, 250 or 100 samples per second on both X and Y
  • Bandwidth from DC to 500Hz, +0dB/-3dB (reduced by sampling rates lower than 1000)
  • Selectable sampling rates of 1000, 500, 200, 100 or 50 samples per second on the digital inputs
  • Wireless transmission data loss tolerant for 100mS
  • Operates from a rechargeable Li-lon Polymer Battery with integrated charging control
  • Fully charged battery life in excess of 12 hours

DataLITE Wireless Torsiometers

Z Series Torsiometer models are Z110 and Z150.

DataLITE Wireless EMG

The DataLITE Wireless EMG sensor gives superb quality of signal and ease of use. With a bandwidth of 5-495 Hz and a built in 1000 gain amplifier and wireless transmitter, surface EMG signals are collected and sent to the Biometrics software for analysis. EMG data can be synchronized real-time with other sensors as part of a complete DataLITE system.


Electrodes: Integral dry reusable
Gain: Standard unit 1000
Bandwidth: 5Hz - 495Hz
Noise: < 5µV
Input Impedance: > 10,000,000 M Ohms
CMRR @ 60Hz (dB): > 96dB (typically 110dB)
Mass: 17g

Biometrics Surface EMG Sensors, instrumentation, and software are designed with maximum versatility in mind:

  • Electrostatic Discharge Circuit protected
  • Up to 24 channels of EMG data display, collection, and analysis
  • User selectable sampling frequency set per channel of 500Hz, 1000Hz or 2000kHz
  • Easily combine EMG data with other sensors such as goniometers and forceplates
  • Collect data real-time to the computer
  • Comprehensive Analysis software with real-time display and analysis
  • Readily synchronize EMG data with other systems/software
    DLL dynamic link library streams data real time as it is collected to third party software, for example LabView or video motion analysis system software
  • Differential sensor with the highest input impedance in the industry minimizes noise to signal ratio providing superb signal detection
  • Integral electrodes with fixed inter-electrode distance give consistent high quality results
  • Operates from a rechargeable Li-lon Polymer Battery with integrated charging control
  • Fully charged battery life in excess of 8 hours
  • Wireless transmission data loss tolerant for 120mS

DataLITE Wireless Adaptor

The DataLITE Wireless Adaptor is required to connect into the following devices:

  • Dynamometer for measurement of hand grip strength
  • Pinchmeter for measurement of hand pinch strength
  • MyoMeter for quantification of force during manual muscle testing
  • ForcePlates for weight distribution and balance measurements


Weight: 25g
Enclosure Material: Acetal CoPolymer
Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable

  • Selectable sampling rates of 2000, 1000, 500 or 200 samples per second
  • Bandwidth from DC to 1kHz, +0dB/-3dB (reduced by sampling rates lower than 2000)
  • Wireless transmission data loss tolerant for 120mS
  • Operates from a rechargeable Li-lon Polymer Battery with integrated charging control
  • Fully charged battery life in excess of:
    • 12 hours for the Dynamometer (G200)
    • 15 hours for the Pinchmeter (P200)
    • 9 hours for the ForcePlate (FP3/FP4)
    • 9 hours for the MyoMeter (M550)

DataLITE Wireless Contact Switches

Digital inputs for gait analysis or other projects requiring collection on contact on/off data. The FS2 Contact Switches simply plug into a DataLITE Wireless goniometer. For example, mounting the goniometer on the ankle, and attaching the contact switches on the foot, it allows the researcher coordinate the gait parameters (heel strike, full foot, heel off, toe off) with the dynamic movement of the ankle joint and perhaps EMG data.

DataLITE Wireless Accelerometer

The DataLITE Wireless accelerometer is a 16g device.

Product REF: ACL500
Output: 0 to ±16g
Number of channels: 3
Designation: X Y Z
Size: 42 x 24 x 12 mm
Mass: 15g
Sampling rate (user select): 200, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz per channel
Maximum number of units in use at one time: 6
i.e. maximum system sampling rate 6KHz per unit or 36KHz total for 6 units
Typical working range: 20m
Wireless transmission data loss: tolerant for 120mS
Power Supply: internal Li-ion Polymer Battery
Charging time: approximately 2 hours
Battery life when fully charged: 12 hours
Auto power down: approx. 20 minutes with no use
Resolution: 13 bit giving 8000 counts of data

  • Power on/off button
  • LED to show comms with host PC
  • LED to indicate battery charging & battery low

Prepackaged DataLITE Wireless Systems

A selection of prepackaged systems is available. Each includes the wireless dongle and charging adapter plus a variety of sensors and analysis software. Click here to download a PDF file with the details.

DataLITE is a trademark of Biometrics Ltd.