Biometrics Analysis Software

The Biometrics Analysis software is a comprehensive analysis package for EMG, goniometer and other associated sensor analysis including real-time data analysis as the data is collected. It includes features to analyze captured data from the various sensors including several filters, repetitions, mean, peak value and more.

Analysis Software Features

As soon as a file is opened it is displayed as a raw EMG file and may then be subject to any or all of the features listed above. The data may be left as a whole or truncated into smaller files of specific data for further analysis. Of course, not only EMG data may be displayed at any one time. The Y axis may be labelled with any units governed by what sensors were connected at the time of recording, e.g. Kg or lbs for force or degrees for limb movement. These units are then saved with the file and automatically compute every time the file is reopened.

The digital inputs are displayed on a separate graph to the analog inputs. Using this facility during gait analysis, toe and heel contact on and off may be obtained using the contact switch assembly type no. FS4.

The Display above shows a Workspace containing unfiltered EMG data (abdominal muscles) with Goniometer data (hip flexion/extension) and EMG Power Spectrum.