E-LINK E4000 Upper Limb Exerciser

The E-LINK Upper Limb Exerciser is designed for active and active resistive upper extremity exercise. The various tools provide wrist flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation; forearm pronation/supination; elbow flexion/extension; shoulder flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, internal/external rotation.

The versatility of the parameters allows rehabilitation for a wide range of orthopaedic and neurological patients.

Range of motion used for exercise can be set as little as 2 degrees, exercising patients with very little motion, through to full range of motion.

The resistance can be adjusted, at the lowest level starting as soon as the patient is cleared for active exercise, increasing the resistance as the patient progresses through rehabilitation.

The Activity Modules can be graded for speed and difficulty. This allows a graduating course of therapy for each patient. The interactive Activity Modules engage the patient in the process, provide motivation and feedback, and eliminate the boredom associated with repetitive exercise.

The versatility of the Activity Modules address a wide range of physical and cognitive needs. From simple end range to end range, gross motor activities to various type of matching and sequencing of objects to complex spatial relationships requiring fine motor control.

Physical Rehabilitation to Restore Function for Patients with Limitations in Upper Extremity Use:

Treatment for Patients with Neurologically Related Cognitive and Perceptual Deficits:

S150 Small Tool Set

The S150 Small Tool Set includes additional tools for the E4000, especially useful in Pediatrics and Hand Therapy.

The R500 requires the InterX Unit as the interface to the computer.