E-LINK FP2 ForcePlate

ForcePlate for upper and lower extremity weight bearing exercise providing purposeful activity, strengthening, motor learning and control.

Orthopaedic applications include:

  • Full or partial standing weight bearing for hip & knee rehabilitation
  • Isometric ankle dorsiflexion/plantarflexion
  • Hip adduction/abduction
  • Upper extremity weight bearing for strengthening
  • Wrist extension (isometric) to increase ROM
  • Finger abduction

Neurological applications include:

  • Standing weight shifting
  • Seated weight shifting
  • Head and neck control for spinal cord injury patients
  • Desensitisation - start with light touch, low force, short duration - increase force and duration as the patient tolerates
  • Upper extremity weight bearing to facilitate transferring
  • Gross motor control - use as a switch

The E-LINK FP2 is designed for upper and lower extremity exercise. The Activity Modules are controlled by the application and relaxation of force applied and can be set in 0.1 increments (Kg or lbs). The ForcePlate responds to as little as the touch of a finger through to full standing weight bearing. The versatility of the ForcePlate allows rehabilitation for a wide range of orthopaedic and/or neurological patients.

The R500 requires the InterX Unit as the interface to the computer.