E-LINK H500 Hand Kit

Standardized pinch and grip measurements with precise electronic tools for evaluation and progress reporting. Unique pinch and grip exercises giving purposeful activity, isometric strengthening, motor learning and control.

Grip & Pinch Strength Evaluation

Biometrics' computerised tools for strength evaluation and exercise measure in 0.1 increments (Kg or lbs) and include tests that cannot be done with manual devices. In addition to speeding up data collection, they are extremely sensitive providing accurate measurement on very weak or debilitated patients.

The precision Biometrics' Dynamometer linked to the E-LINK software easily and accurately measures grip strength:

The unique low profile design of the Biometrics' Pinchmeter allows measurement and exercise at closer to end range than any other device - manual or electronic. The software accurately and easily measures pinch strength:

Unique Isometric Grip & Pinch Exercise

As opposed to traditional zero to peak force exercises, the range of force may be graded, setting the minimum and maximum, to meet the patient's functional goals. Force ranges for exercise are set in 0.1 increments with a maximum load of 90 Kg (200 lbs) for grip and 22 Kg (50 lbs) for pinch. The movement of the objects in the E-LINK Activity Modules is controlled by the application and relaxation of isometric grip or pinch within the set parameters. The various modules provide purposeful activity, isometric strengthening, motor learning and control.

The range of force settings and activities allow multiple exercise options such as:

The R500 requires the InterX Unit as the interface to the computer.