E-LINK M600 Exercise Kit

Innovative Technology for exercise of individual fingers, the hand, upper extremity, lower extremity, head, neck and back. The M600 Exercise Kit consists of the Myo-EX and AngleX sensors.

Myo-EX uses a novel application of surface EMG for exercise and biofeedback. AngleX provides unique active exercise against gravity.

The M600 has a wide spectrum of applications throughout the rehabilitation process - starting as soon as a patient recovers any voluntary muscle control through to strengthening of professional athletes.

The M600 is designed for:

  • Orthopaedic and Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Lower Extremity Exercise
  • Hand and Upper Extremity Exercise
  • Head, Face, Neck & Back Exercise


Myo-EX uses surface EMG for unique computerised exercise, biofeedback, muscle re-education and motor control.

  • Upper & Lower Extremities, head, face, neck and back
  • May be used as soon as the patient has any voluntary muscle control
  • Used throughout the rehabilitation process
  • Easy & quick to set up
  • Uses the electrical activity generated by a muscle contraction to control the activities
  • Responds to muscle activity with or without joint movement
  • Variety of activities to encompass the range of muscle function - from gross activity (contract and relax) to fine control
  • Precision sensor is designed to give superb quality of signal with little or no skin preparation needed
  • Full scale 0-3000 microvolts
  • Two styles of pre-amplifiers - GX3 with integral electrodes, GX4 for use with disposable electrodes


AngleX uses unique sensors that respond to active movement against gravity for computerized interactive exercise in orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation.

  • Active exercise against gravity
  • Upper & Lower Extremities, Neck & Back
  • The AngleX sensors react to any joint movement against gravity in 1 degree increments
  • May be used for isolated joint movements as well as for functional composite movements
  • Easy and quick to set up and use