Lafayette 16030 Stability Platform

The Stability Platform measures balancing ability, which is essential to successfully performing many activities. The Model 16030 Stability Platform features fully integrated timing functions for test control and electronic angle measurement for unsurpassed accuracy. The platform control allows a wide range of user settable parameters including variable test times, selectable angle limits, and digital tilt angle readout. With the Stability Platform's rugged design and electronic capabilities, it will provide many years of reliable operation.





Angle Measurement Resolution: 1.0°
Platform Tilt Range: ± 30°
Measurement Limit Range: " 90°
Angle Limit Setting Resolution: 1.0°
Analog Output Voltage Range: 0-5 Volts
Analog Output Resolution: .028 V/°
Analog Output Rate: 25 samples/sec
Analog Output Time: 0.040 sec/sample
Test/Rest Time Limit: 999 sec
Test/Rest Time Resolution: 1.0 sec
Repeat Cycle Limit: 25
Test Timing Resolution: 0.001 sec
Timing Accuracy: .005%
Power Supply: 10 V external adapter
Event Mark Output: 0-5 V TTL


Platform Dimensions: 42" x 25.5"
Overall Dimensions: 42" x 38" x 22"
Platform Material: 3/4" Plywood
Frame Material: 1/8" Aluminum

DataLab 2000 Interface

The Stability Platform can be interfaced to the DataLab 2000 data acquisition system through 3.5mm stereo patch cords. Please ask us about the DataLab 2000 System!

Optional Accessories/Software