Lafayette Goniometers

Finger Goniometer

The sainless steel short Finger Goniometer is used for easy range-of-motion measurements of metacarpal, phalangeal, and interphalangeal joints. Linear inch and centimeter markings on both sides of protractor in opposite directions. The protractors measure 0-150° in 5° increments. Latex free. Measures 4 inches long.

Gollehon Extendable Goniometer - Model 01135

Versatility, Reliability, Accuracy and Portability are the advantages that make the Gollehon Extendable Goniometer an innovative tool in the assessment of range of motion. Its arms can extend to 22.25" to measure large joints and retract to 6.875" to measure all but the smallest joints. Unlike standard goniometers that require the examiner to estimate alignment, the length of the extendable arms allows it to lie over anatomical bony landmarks.

The dual scale of 0° - 180° and 180° - 0° is magnified four times, improving the accuracy of the reading, thus, reducing the chance for error. The Extendable Goniometer is affordable, costing little more than standard goniometers. Its lightweight ABS plastic construction will ensure continued and long lasting use.