Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer - Model 01165A

The newest Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer (previously known as the MMT) combines all the features of the previous model with the addition of an algometer attachment, advanced menus to store testing setups, increased storage, and improved battery life. The Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer is an ergonomic hand-held device for objectively quantifying muscle strength (force measurement).

The Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer features a wide range of customizable options for data storage, force over time graphs, preset test times, and force thresholds. The HHD includes 3 stirrups with an algometer attachment, user's guide, battery charger, sanitary covers, and carrying case.



Optional Accessories

Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer (HHD) Support Stand - Model 01166

The 01166 HHD Support Stand allows more objective measurements and is configured to test numerous upper and lower body muscle groups. Pairing with DynoData allows observation of real-time data.

Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer Kit for DynoData - Model 01165AKIT

The 01165AKIT provides a complete dynamometer solution. The Kit includes a tablet and an upgraded 01165APP dynamometer for use with the DynoData app.

DynoData is designed to be used as an enhancement to a model 01165APP Lafayette Instrument Hand-Held Dynamometer. DynoData provides a wireless connection between the dynamometer and an iOS/Android device. This connection allows for a real-time visual display of the force being applied to the dynamometer, customization of test setups and settings, among other benefits. With simple controls, DynoData will improve the organization and efficiency of patient care.

HHD Download Tool - Model 01165D

Software that allows easy download of the stored values from the Model 01165 Hand-Held Dynamometer to your computer via a Bluetooth connection. The software is capable of displaying peak force, average force, time to peak, test date and time and force over time data. Free updates are available with an internet connection.

Sanitary Covers for HHD - Model 01165SC

Set of 25 replacement sanitary covers for the Model 01165 Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer.