Combining simplicity and sophistication for various clinical and industrial evaluations, OrthoImager™ leads the market in digital analysis.

Using digital images to evaluate range of motion, posture and biomechanics, it is an economical solution for objective evaluations and comprehensive documentation.

Any of the OrthoImager's various evaluations may be utilized as a part of a progressive measurement sequence which will help assess the need for future treatment.

Posture Analysis

A postural analysis is administered to accurately and reliably evaluate an individual's general standing posture and balance from both an anterior and sagittal perspective. The determinations provide improved comprehension of the subject's postural mechanics including any deviations or compensations.

Static Lift Analysis

A two-dimensional static lift model is utilized to reliably predict any biomechanical risks that may exist as a result of poor body mechanics, extreme postures, excessive load carrying or any combination of the three. To ensure a more accurate evaluation, anthropometric measurements are determined along with angular joint values. WARNINGS appear when a compressive or torque value exceeds recommended safe values proposed by NIOSH and OSHA.

Cervical Analysis

A cervical analysis is administered to accurately and reliably evaluate an individual's cervical ability as it relates to human kinesiology and biomechanics. The ROM examination objectively measures and documents the cervical motion and its subsequent limitations, if any. The biomechanical predictions provide improved comprehension of the subject's cervical mechanics and posture.

Virtual X-Ray

A virtual X-Ray can be created for each evaluation in the OrthoImager. Include precise skeletal representations in your reports at the click of a button.

System Requirements

Sample OrthoImager Reports

Click the links below to download sample OrthoImager reports in Acrobat PDF format.

Comparative Analysis Study

Click here to download a comparative analysis study of OrthoImager's Static Lift component and hand calculated biomechanical predictions of forces on the L5/S1 region of the vertebral column.

OrthoImager 30-Day Trial Version Download

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NOTE: Software trials are provided for evaluation only prior to possible purchase by those involved in the evaluation and decision process. We also provide them to students when the university has purchased the software and the trial is coordinated thru academic staff.

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