NexGen Ergonomics Announces HumanCAD®-MQSW Version 1.5

Montreal, March 14, 2014 -- NexGen is pleased to announce the release of HumanCAD-MQSW 1.5.

HumanCAD-MQSW is a human modeling solution add-in for SolidWorks that creates a 3D digital human within the context of an assembly document. HumanCAD-MQSW aids in the design of products using SolidWorks by determining what humans of different sizes can reach. HumanCAD-MQSW is the latest product in our family of HumanCAD solutions which aid users with the design of products and workspaces.

The optional Comfort Zones Module includes the U.S. Army 2010 ANSUR II anthropometric database (male and female) and color coded zones indicate the period for which a task can be accomplished safely within 2 hours.

Release 1.5 features include:

The first version of the ManneQuin/HumanCAD series of human modeling solutions was released in 1990 and our solutions have thousands of users worldwide. HumanCAD digital human modeling technology is an important tool in determining the human fit of products and workplaces before they are built. Leading manufacturing corporations, product design companies, government organizations, forensic consultants and universities have purchased our digital human modeling solutions.

NexGen is the leading developer and distributor of software and instrumentation for ergonomic and biomechanical job analyses, design and research. These include a variety of products for performing biomechanical, 3D digital human modeling, video analysis, motion capture systems, force measurement, human vibration analysis, sEMG and physiological measurement, data acquisition, as well as many others.

For more information, contact:

David Pinchefsky, B.A.Sc.
NexGen Ergonomics Inc.
Montreal, Canada
Tel: (514) 685-8593

HumanCAD is a registered trademark of NexGen Ergonomics Inc.