NexGen Ergonomics Announces Licensing Agreement with Ohio State University for Lumbar Motion Monitor (LMM) Software

Montreal, May 19, 2000 -- NexGen Ergonomics Inc. (NexGen) is pleased to announce that it has licensed from Ohio State University new software developed for the Lumbar Motion Monitor. The latest version will be marketed by NexGen Ergonomics under the name Lumbar ProSoft and is fully compatible with the Lumbar Motion Monitor developed by Dr. William Marras of Ohio State and follows years of extensive research and development.

The LMM has numerous applications in industrial ergonomics and in clinical settings. The LMM breaks the work into individual job tasks for analysis of the specific range of motion, velocity and acceleration moments on the lumbar spine. The LMM allows you to compare the task to a normative database of common variables associated with jobs that have a high incidence of low back disorders. These comparisons, combined with the data from the job site assessment, allow you to recommend ergonomic changes. Lumbar ProSoft is fully Windows compatible and includes assessments based upon the 81 and 91 NIOSH lifting guides and Snook psychophysical tables.

NexGen is the leading distributor and developer of systems for ergonomic and biomechanical job analysis, design and research. These include a variety of software analysis tools for performing biomechanical, NIOSH, RULA and other analysis, sEMG analysis systems, data acquisition systems (including goniometers and force sensors), 3D human modeling software, ergonomic design systems, video analysis systems, as well as many other products. NexGen's Web site also includes the Ergonomics Resource Center that provides a variety of information resources to industry professionals.

For more information, contact:

David Pinchefsky, B.A.Sc.
NexGen Ergonomics Inc.
Montreal, Canada
Tel: (514) 685-8593

Lumbar ProSoft is copyright Ohio State University.
Dr. W. Marras is the patent holder for the LMM technology.