NexGen Ergonomics Announces Vibration Analysis Toolset™ Version 4.0

Montreal, August 18, 2018 -- NexGen Ergonomics Inc. (NexGen) is pleased to announce the release of VATS™ (Vibration Analysis ToolSet) Version 4.0. Our VATS system includes a multi-channel DataLOG data logger with 2 GB memory than can sample up to 20 kHz per channel and our advanced VATS software. Up to 4 DataLOG units can be synchronized for a total of 32 analog channels.

The software has been completely redesigned and is a complete new software product. Some of the new features include:

VATS is available for either hand-arm or whole body analysis. Hand-arm vibration analysis is based on the ISO 5349 and ACGIH standard for hand arm vibration (HAV). Whole body vibration analysis is based on the ISO 2631-1, 2631-5 (2004 and 2018), BS 6841, and ACGIH standard for whole body vibration (WBV).

VATS software is also available as a stand-alone software product to import acceleration data to be analyzed from other systems.

NexGen is the leading developer and distributor of software and instrumentation for ergonomic and biomechanical job analyses, design and research. These include a variety of products for performing biomechanical, 3D digital human modeling, video analysis, motion capture systems, force measurement, human vibration analysis, sEMG and physiological measurement, data acquisition, as well as many others.

For more information, contact:

David Pinchefsky, B.A.Sc.
NexGen Ergonomics Inc.
Montreal, Canada
Tel: (514) 685-8593

VATS and Vibration Analysis ToolSet are trademarks of NexGen Ergonomics Inc.