NexGen Ergonomics Announces Release of ErgoMaster Version 3.1

Montreal, August 20, 2001 -- NexGen Ergonomics Inc. (NexGen) is pleased to announce that the general release of ErgoMaster Version 3.1 is scheduled for September 2001. Fortune 500 corporations, insurance companies, consultants and universities worldwide use ErgoMaster.

Version 3.1 includes the new Biomechanics Analyst that enables users to easily interface with the University of Michigan's 3D SSPP (which is purchased directly from the University of Michigan Software) by simply clicking on the joint positions in the digital image. NexGen Ergonomics provided funding support to the University of Michigan in order that the two programs can be interfaced.

ErgoMaster is a suite of attractively priced ergonomic analysis software modules containing a broad range of features and capabilities. The system's modules include the capability to digitize video frames and other digital or scanned images. ErgoMaster performs a variety of analysis, including the NIOSH lifting equation, Biomechanical calculations and RULA.

NexGen is the leading distributor and developer of systems for ergonomic and biomechanical job analysis, design and research. These include a variety of software analysis tools performing biomechanical, NIOSH, RULA and other analysis, sEMG analysis systems, data acquisition systems (including goniometers and force sensors), 3D human modeling software, ergonomic design systems, video analysis systems, as well as many other products. NexGen's web site also includes the Ergonomics Resource Center that provides a variety of information resources to industry professionals.

For more information, contact:

David Pinchefsky, B.A.Sc.
NexGen Ergonomics Inc.
Montreal, Canada
Tel: (514) 685-8593

The 3D Static Strength Prediction Program (3D SSPP) was developed at the University of Michigan's Center for ergonomics and is copyrighted by The Regents of the University of Michigan.