NexGen Ergonomics Announces ManneQuinPRO™ Version 10

Montreal, August 30, 2004 -- NexGen Ergonomics Inc. (NexGen) is pleased to announce ManneQuinPRO™, Version 10. The ManneQuin/HumanCAD series of human modeling solutions enjoys the largest customer base in the world with thousands of users worldwide.

ManneQuinPRO features three-dimensional humanoid figures for 11 populations, various population percentiles, and multiple body types. Other features include the NIOSH lifting equation, field of vision cones, reach envelopes, animation, and more. The system is equipped with import/export tools to be used with graphics software such as AutoDesk's AutoCAD™ and 3D Studio MAX™.

New features in Version 10 include:

  • You can now export the vision cone and center of gravity
  • Preferences are now saved. When re-starting, the preferences are set to what they were when you last exited the application. The anthropometry panel now uses the preferred units now saved in preferences.
  • The mannequin can now be snapped onto the floor
  • "Compare torques" panel added
  • You can now scale objects along a specific axis and with a numeric factor (use F3 to pop up panel)
  • Translation of objects with a numeric value added (use F3 to pop up panel)
  • Box and rectangle creation: You can now enter size of the box on creation (again, F3 to pop up the panel)
  • Circle and sphere creation - Use F3 to pop up a panel asking for the center and the radius
  • Labels can now be rotated
  • The user can now modify the vision cone depth

NexGen is the leading distributor and developer of systems for ergonomics and biomechanical job analysis, design and research. These include a variety of software analysis tools performing biomechanical, NIOSH, RULA and other analysis, force measurement instrumentation, human vibration analysis, noise dosimeters, sEMG analysis systems, data acquisition systems, 3D human modeling software, video analysis and motion capture systems, as well as many other products. NexGen's Web site also includes the Ergonomics Resource Center that provides a variety of information resources to industry professionals.

For more information, contact:

David Pinchefsky, B.A.Sc.
NexGen Ergonomics Inc.
Montreal, Canada
Tel: (514) 685-8593