NexGen Newsletter - Spring 2021

NexGen Ergonomics, founded in 1982, is a worldwide source for software and instrumentation used in ergonomics and biomechanics for analysis, research, design and education.

NexGen also supplies a broad array of medical products.

Our fall newsletter contains information on our latest product updates, specific technical notes and recent corporate news. Information on all our products is available on our website.

General News

NexGen's president David Pinchefsky has been involved in the conference planning for IEA 2021 which will take place during June 14-18, 2021. Due to the pandemic, for the first time in its history the Congress will be an all-virtual conference. This international conference which is held every 3 years has historically been a great opportunity to get updated on the latest applications, research and more by outstanding speakers on a variety of topics in our field. We encourage all our thousands of newsletter recipients to attend as so many have done at previous IEA conferences.

21st Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association
June 14-17, 2021
Vancouver, Canada
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Corporate News

Since early March 2020, most of NexGen Ergonomics' staff has been working remotely during this pandemic. We have continued to support our clients worldwide. Our engineering and new product development has continued, and we are pleased to provide information on our product updates in our current newsletter.

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products


NexGen Ergonomics has released HumanCAD 5.1. The ErgoTools module now interfaces with the latest 3DSSPP version 7.1.3.

We have also completed our main testing for our Version 6 Alpha. We expect to release our Beta version in the second quarter.

Version 6 includes a new balance feature, additional clothing options, more databases and other updates. In ErgoTools we have added the Hand Strength MAE (Maximum Acceptable Efforts) & AFF (Arm Force Field) methods. Additional databases and ROM data have been added to the child module. As well, a new optional Elderly module has also been released.

Customers on annual maintenance can receive the Beta version and their feedback is greatly appreciated.


We expect to release an Alpha version of MQSW Version 2 in our second quarter. MQSW is a SOLIDWORKS® plug-in. Product information is on our website.


Our HM-Analyzer Version 5 alpha version is scheduled for release in the second quarter for customer testing and evaluation. This new version includes:

  • Additional file export coordinate options
  • Range of Motion scoring added for the AAOS convention. The user can assign their own ranges of motion to score the movement against now using either ISB or AAOS conventions. This scoring is by segment and the user can assign the joint angle ranges with a corresponding color code assigned by the analyst. Results are displayed as a histogram. The customer will also be able to print the histograms for their movements.
  • New Ergo-Analyzer module with RULA and OWAS
  • Compatibility of our motion analysis files exported in C3D format to BoB Biomechanics' musculoskeletal analysis software

HM-Analyzer runs on Xsens MTw Awinda IMU systems, Xsens MVN systems, APDM and I2M IMUs. Existing customers can contact us to try the new version. NexGen also provides complete solutions of HM-Analyzer with various IMU options.

Biometrics Ltd. Products

We are pleased to announce that, despite the pandemic, NexGen Ergonomics experienced record sales of the DataLITE wireless system.

The fully wireless DataLITE system uses a sophisticated WIFI communication protocol, which hops RF channels to minimise the potential for data loss. Up to 16 sensors for up to 24 channels of data can be connected to a single wireless interface. These sensors can be any combination of goniometers, torsiometers, EMG sensors, accelerometers or force sensors (dynamometer, pinch meter, myometer, force plates, in line or s-beam load cells).

DataLITE has a range 30 meters (15 meter radius). The DataLITE Pioneer interface provides real time data collection to the computer. DataLITE Explore is a wearable data recorder. In addition to all the benefits of Explore as a portable data recorder, when connected to the computer via its USB cable, Explore functions as an interface allowing real time data collection to the computer or real time data streaming to third party software.

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VATS™ (Vibration Analysis ToolSet)

We would like to thank our customers who participated in Beta testing and providing feedback of the new V4 version. Many of the suggestions have been accepted and implemented. Our next Beta is scheduled to be released in the second quarter. If no major issues are reported next quarter, we will then schedule the commercial release.

Any VATS client can request a trial of our Beta version and to provide feedback.

Our VATS software can also be purchased as a stand-alone software product to import acceleration data to be analyzed from other systems. VATS is available for either hand-arm or whole body analysis. Hand-arm vibration analysis is based on the ISO 5349 and ACGIH standard for hand arm vibration (HAV). Whole body vibration analysis is based on the ISO 2631-1, 2631-5 (2004 and 2018), BS 6841, and ACGIH standard for whole body vibration (WBV).

Our VATS data logger supports multiple accelerometers as well as other sensors such as FSRs.

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Medical Products

Baseline® BIMS™ Dynamometers

We are pleased to announce the new Baseline BIMS Digital Dynamometers. This new dynamometer series is loaded with new features for hand strength evaluation. The new BIMS Dynamometer's load-cell digital technology gives more accurate, repeatable, consistent measurements with an LCD screen that makes results easy to read. The LCD screen can display calculated graphical results instantly with its numerous testing protocols. Accuracy is ±1%.

The grip dynamometer can measure grip strength up to 300 lbs (135 kg) while the pinch dynamometer can measure grip strength up to 100 lbs (45 kg). There are three models to choose from with each model having 5-position hand grips / paddles to accommodate different hand sizes and tests. These are the Functional, Clinic and Deluxe models.

  • The Functional Model is the most basic model containing only the Max Force testing protocol for more straightforward test settings.
  • The Clinic Model is ideal for a clinical setting as it provides timed tests with the Max Force, Quick, and General Strength protocols.
  • The Deluxe Model expands upon the Clinic model and includes more advanced timed tests that are ideal for research applications, Workers' Compensation, FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) and day-to-day testing. It includes Max Force, Quick, General Strength, Rapid Exchange, Modified Maximum Voluntary Effort, Maximum Voluntary Effort, and Fatigue tests.

A set of Baseline BIMS Digital 5-Position Pinch Dynamometers have also been released with the same 3 models as for the BIMS hand dynamometer as well as 3-piece sets. All models include load-cell digital technology at an attractive price with accuracy of ±1%.

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Jamar® Smart Electronic Hand Dynamometer

NexGen added the Jamar Smart Electronic Hand Dynamometer that provides enhanced medical screenings that are easy for medical professionals and their patients. This digital hand dynamometer can be used for all grip tests and has a ten-minute automatic shut-off for energy efficiency to preserve battery usage. It features clear audible signals for aid in testing, calculates the Average, Standard Deviation, and Coefficient of Variation, and clearly displays grip force ranging from 0-200 lbs (0-90 kg). Use it to measure a patient's grip strength and track their progress during therapy.

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