NexGen Newsletter - Issue 35

NexGen Ergonomics, founded in 1982, is a worldwide source for software and instrumentation used in ergonomics and biomechanics for analysis, research, design and education.

NexGen also supplies a broad array of medical products.

Our latest newsletter contains information on our latest product updates, specific technical notes and recent corporate news. Information on all our products is available on our website.

Corporate News

NexGen Ergonomics is planning on exhibiting at the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) 2023 annual conference to be held October 2 to 5, 2023 at:

Burlington Holiday Inn and Conference Centre
3063 S Service Rd, Burlington, Ontario
L7N 3E9, Canada

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products


An updated Academic Guide has been released for Version 6 with new exercises. 19 exercises are now included. ErgoTools is required for the Academic Guide.

HumanCAD Version 7 development is progressing well and we expect to release our initial Alpha version by the end of the second quarter of 2023.

New features include:

  • The following anthropometric databases were added:
    • US Army Marines 2010 (contains inter-variable correlations)
    • US Army Pilot personnel 2012 (contains inter-variable correlations)
    • Dutch 1999 Male and Female anthropometric databases (contains inter-variable correlations)
    • Polish Male and Female anthropometric 2001
    • Malaysian Male and Female anthropometric 2010
    • Canadian Army 2012
    • Chinese Elderly 2007 (only for Elderly Module)
  • ErgoTools has been updated to include:
    • REBA
    • LM-MMH 2021
    • Updated RULA interface
    • RSI, COSI & CUSI
    • New reporting options
  • Child module updated to include Mexican Primary School Children 2011 (6 to 11 years old)
  • Advanced Feature Set animation module has been updated to correct some reported issues.
  • Faster file processing and ability to import larger files

Customers on annual maintenance can contact us to try the new version.

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HM-Analyzer and Xsens MVN Systems

NexGen provides complete integrated systems with MVN hardware which include our latest HM-Analyzer Version 5 for the MVN Awinda Starter and MVN Awinda systems. HM-Analyzer includes the new Ergo-Analyzer module with RULA and OWAS analysis and many new features including Range of Motion scoring for the AAOS convention as well as new report format options such as .odt, .html and .pdf formats.

Our powerful but easy to use HM-Analyzer software that runs on Xsens MTw Awinda systems also runs on Xsens MVN systems. It provides the user with considerable flexibility in which joints they want to analyze as well as multiple joint angle conventions, pose calibration options and a variety of analysis tools.

Please contact us to obtain quotations for an integrated solution. MVN customers can contact us for software only prices and to obtain a software trial.

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Biometrics Ltd. Products

System Integration Options

Customers have a variety of system integration options between Biometrics Ltd equipment and most biomechanical equipment.

Application Programmable Interface (API)
API software can help accelerate the development of research applications. It is configurable with DataLITE, DataLOG, or DataLINK interfaces and sensors for deploying simple biomechanics research applications to advanced commercial applications for monitoring human movement and more.

Software Development Kit
The DataLINK SDK enables researchers to develop custom software that processes and visualizes surface EMG and other physiological data transmitted from sensors.

Analog Integrations
Strict synchronization between DataLITE ADVANCE, DataLINK, or K800 Amplifier interfaces are available with third-party equipment.

Real-time continuous output of analog and digital inputs via an R2000i cable allowing connection to virtually any analog data recording device or video motion capture system.

The DataLITE ADVANCE is a desktop unit incorporating three multi-channel analog output ports for simple, accurate, and robust data synchronization to third-party systems.

Biometrics products include the DataLITE, DataLOG and DataLINK systems which support various accessories including EMG, goniometers, load cells, dynamometers, FSRs and more.

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ErgoImager Pro

NexGen Ergonomics has been working on a major upgrade to its ErgoImager software which will be renamed to ErgoImager Pro. We expect to release our initial Alpha of version 4 by the end of the second quarter of 2023.

New features include:

  • Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation
  • Energy Expenditure
  • OWAS
  • Snook & Ciriello Tables
  • Mital, Nicholson & Ayoub Tables
  • RULA
  • REBA
  • Hand strength MAE (Maximum Acceptable Efforts) & AFF (Arm Force Field) methods.
    The MAE method is designed for repetitive tasks that use frequency and/or duty cycle (DC) to predict maximum acceptable efforts (MAE) as a percentage relative to maximum voluntary efforts (MVE). The AFF method predicts manual arm strength (MAS) for a wide range of body orientations, hand locations and any force direction. This method uses an artificial neural network (ANN) to predict the effects of hand location and force direction on MAS and includes a method to estimate the contribution of the arm's weight to the predicted strength.
  • New Liberty MMH 2021
  • Revised Strain Index (RSI), Composite Strain Index (COSI) & Cumulative Strain Index (CUSI)
  • Ability to import background image or from digital video

Force Gauge Products

NexGen Ergonomics sells several brands of force gauges which include digital, mechanical and hydraulic models. These include Mark-10 Ametek and Baseline brands.

Please visit our ergonomics product area of our website for product details and contact us to obtain discounted pricing.


We are pleased to announce two new sliding anthropometric calipers designed to measure a straight-line distance between two landmarks with an accuracy of 1 mm. Two models are available with a range of 0 to either 30 or 70 cm in 0.1 cm increments.

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Hand Dynamometers and Pinch Gauges

NexGen sells a large variety of hand dynamometers and pinch gauges from a variety of manufacturers.

Please visit our medical product area of our website for product details and contact us to obtain discounted pricing.

Medical Products

Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer

The newest Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer (previously known as the MMT) combines all of the features of the previous model with the addition of an algometer attachment, advanced menus to store testing setups, increased storage, and improved battery life. The Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer is an ergonomic hand-held device for objectively quantifying muscle strength (force measurement).

The Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer features a wide range of customizable options for data storage, force over time graphs, preset test times, and force thresholds. The HHD includes 3 stirrups with an algometer attachment, user's guide, battery charger, sanitary covers, and carrying case.

Options include a Support Stand, HHD Download Tool, and DynoData. There is also a kit that includes a tablet and an upgraded 01165APP dynamometer for use with the DynoData app.

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By simply digitizing digital photos you can easily analyze and document range of motion for the elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and cervical analysis and other postural analysis.

OrthoImager also includes an optional 2D static biomechanical model for static lift analysis as an optional module.

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Hogan microFET®2

NexGen Ergonomics has added the wireless microFET2 Digital Handheld Dynamometer muscle tester which is an accurate, portable Force Evaluation and Testing (FET) device. It is designed specifically for taking objective, reliable, and quantifiable muscle testing measurements. The wireless microFET2 aids in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of neuromuscular disorders.

The wireless microFET2 Digital Handheld Muscle Tester includes a Flat Transducer Pad, Curved Transducer Pad, Digit Transducer Pad, User Manual, Calibration Certificate, Wall Pack Power Supply, and Carrying Case.

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